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good idea...

but the roles are fucked up.sonya should be "the bride".shang tsung should be bill.jade should be that black skinned woman...cant remember the name.and kitana should be o-ren-ishii and sindel should be elle driver.and stryker should be budd.

it was good,but.....

i have seen a movie like this at a site called kaatopaikka.its called romance. a guy is singing a ballad.then suddenly a girl who has been brutally killed, appears to the screen.is it copied or not?

ashens responds:

Never heard of that one. As far as I know, Kikia by Netspooky was the first to use that idea.

i got nothing to say....

except that if u want eggmans real name its dr.robotnik.


And ya know what? spar is my closest shop.i visit spar atleast one time in a week.And that is a weird shop.the employees are spooky.that mexican midget and the old guy who is like 2 feet tall.and three years ago when i was like seven ,in the front of the shop there was a blind tramp who earned his money by playing guitar in the front of the shop and he lived in a barrel.


But there was a bug.when "Lui Kang"(by the way you writed it wrong.u probably now that his name is liu kang)did his finishing move where he transformed to dragon,it said "fatality"but it was a bug when liu kang transforms to a dragon it really says "animality"

IT was long.....

good.there isnt much donald duck/ductales parodies out on newgrounds.but the scrooge and the boys were crappy looking they look like 3 years old would have made them.But still really good.


Its really good.way more better then madness.And the Smoke was a nice surprise.hes so cool.Have u ever played streets of Rage?those jetpack guys really reminded me of it. T.suomalainen tyyppi

Mottis responds:

kiitti, kiitti.
Enpä ole tuota peliä koskaan ennen pelannut...


"going down to loud junk""goin down to loud junk""going down to loud junk". that was pret´ty funny.specially the cartmans voice and the laughing.and it was about south park.i love southpark!this movie kicks ass!

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first one is better......

but if someone says that british comedy aint funny,then u shoul watch bottom and monty python grazy world.


no ihan hyvä,mutta olisit vaikka rynnäkkö-kivääri expertin tilalle laittanu jonkun puukko tyypin.niin olis tullu vähä parempi. ----------------------Same in English------------------------------ Well.... well pretty good,but you should have added a knife guy instead of assault-rifle expert,and it would have been better.

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