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Pimp´s quest 2 please.


Legend of the mystical ninja is the best Snes game ever. I just really hate the time limit.


It´s rare to see this kind of stuff on Newgrounds, but i´ve watched all your videos on Screwattack. You guys have a very original style, and i like it. Keep making Awesome video games.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks dude! Be sure to check us out on our permenant home: FFSTV.com!

Got a small laugh out of it ...

But it´s way too short .

Stop making this....

This thing is worth the frontpage because its graphicalyl very good , and the size of the screen is big . But daily 2nd place is a bit too much ... Flash movies shouldnt get rewards just because they have good graphics , you could have atleast made up a decent storyline of somekind . Its just people killing eachother , nothing else .

Stop putting movies on the frontpage just because they got good graphics .

Great !

I am glad someone made a flash about the classic legend of kage.....I just put the word in the search bar and tought i couldnt find anything because the game was so unpopular , but surprise surprise.....You even had those annoying firebreathing monks in this movie , and the original music !

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

thank you! :D

Good one...

I am glad you made a Bionic Commando parody....Its a great NES game .....I hope you make more parodies of those "Not that known" games , like rush´n attack .

Oh no !

Nooo!!! This movie has bad graphics ! It doesnt deserve frontpage !! Lets just give all the rewards to some random stick fighting films that have good graphics !

I think this flash was highly amusing . You have your own style , and your flashes are really funny . I hope you make a cart22n about ninjas .

Not too bad .

I only clicked the link because it said something about ninjas in the comments ( Yes , i have a problem . )

But it wasnt too bad.... One of those few things on NG you can watch with smaller kids . So it was ok for a short film.

Wonchop responds:

Shame about the prequel ;D

Nice work .

Double dragon is a great game . Naruto i dont really like because he´s just a fake ninja....What i really liked in this movie was the great sound effect . I mean , when someone gets hit you could always hear this great punching noise . Maybe you could have made this thing last longer tough .

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