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It´s rare to see this kind of stuff on Newgrounds, but i´ve watched all your videos on Screwattack. You guys have a very original style, and i like it. Keep making Awesome video games.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks dude! Be sure to check us out on our permenant home: FFSTV.com!

Great !

I am glad someone made a flash about the classic legend of kage.....I just put the word in the search bar and tought i couldnt find anything because the game was so unpopular , but surprise surprise.....You even had those annoying firebreathing monks in this movie , and the original music !

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

thank you! :D

Not too bad .

I only clicked the link because it said something about ninjas in the comments ( Yes , i have a problem . )

But it wasnt too bad.... One of those few things on NG you can watch with smaller kids . So it was ok for a short film.

Wonchop responds:

Shame about the prequel ;D

Its alright .

Well , the graphics were pretty good , but you could have put some more attention on the back ground . The music was alright too ....

Instead of just running maybe you could have make the ninja leap over more obstacles or climb .
And finally , the flash was about ninjas , but they werent killing anyone ( Even tough it doesnt matter ) Style 9 .

Fische responds:

I don't really see why ninjas have to be killing people, but when I remake this movie, I'll try to put more obsticles and stuff in. Thanks! :)

love it.

Great runescape movie...best u have done.i dont honestly even like the other movies,but this rocks.when is the part two gonna be ready?

Jammer-Lammy responds:

If you've seen the website, part two was lost. I can't continue it.


where u that guy with the long hair?if u were ur as a noob.i got red halloween mask.òh and if u were tthat iban staff guy u should play wow instead of rs membership....

Jammer-Lammy responds:

The guy with the iban staff is Goku77777 (aka Drew). I'm the guy you say is a n00b. I don't pay to play RS. I don't play at all. I just create flash movies based on the game.

World of Warcraft shouldn't be compared to RuneScape, because RS is free and WoW is not. The reason I don't make WoW movies is I'm more familiar with RS. Stop assuming things. You're bad at it.


this movie didnt make me laugh.you couldnt always get clear what they say.by the way,answers to my battle royale madness rewiew.the reason why its cool to rip off movies,and videogames,and tv shows etc.its cool because people need something to make parodies from.and the reason why its NOT cool to rip off series.because.....for example,copying madness.its not cool to copy it,because u stole the idea and try to get good response from it.of course its another thing if u ask from the author before ripping off......

Gi-go responds:

Alrighty well BRM was my first movie, I wasnt just trying to get a good repsonse I was playing around with simple character designs, and I did infact ask Krinkles, Please just review the movie that your reviewing and please dont talk about things you do not understand.

whats so cool in freedom?

i mean,would u rather get ur toe cut off from thievery,rather than being tortured in some pervets house in america!???

Fiberoptic-Ninja responds:

id ratjher not be caught if i was to steal


i just watched battle royale today and it didnt have a lot of diffrences to this movie.this was shorter and in battle royale.....there are 3 survivors.though battle royale is great movie.but you shouldnt rip off madness.its stupid that someone else rips off series that other people have made.

Gi-go responds:

So what exactly are you saying here junior? Its cool that I ripped off a movie but not cool that a ripped off a series? Why dont you shut your mouth, because nor I or anybody else wants to hear the opinion of a 10 year old.


it was great.specially the music.i love shinobi.but who the hell adds apples to a sandwich?

MC-Booga responds:

The same person who makes tomatoe pie and eats caramel-dipped tomatoes. The same person probably dips his french fries in apple sauce, brought shiny, red, tomatoes to his teacher, and when replying to someone who had just compared two objects that are completely different would say: "That's like comparing tomatoes to oranges!" Many would consider this a strange and confused man, indeed.

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