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shut the hell up.you think madness isnt ripped off from anything?btw bunnykill is better than madness.


this movie didnt make me laugh.you couldnt always get clear what they say.by the way,answers to my battle royale madness rewiew.the reason why its cool to rip off movies,and videogames,and tv shows etc.its cool because people need something to make parodies from.and the reason why its NOT cool to rip off series.because.....for example,copying madness.its not cool to copy it,because u stole the idea and try to get good response from it.of course its another thing if u ask from the author before ripping off......

Gi-go responds:

Alrighty well BRM was my first movie, I wasnt just trying to get a good repsonse I was playing around with simple character designs, and I did infact ask Krinkles, Please just review the movie that your reviewing and please dont talk about things you do not understand.

this movie:good.

ripping off:not cool.ninjas:cool.kamas:cool.


America the greatest country?its not even close to it.and bush is definetly the shittiest president ever.i dont hate america.but it sucks.i wish that american people wouldnt be that dumbasses.by the way,ur an disgrace to norway.

whats so cool in freedom?

i mean,would u rather get ur toe cut off from thievery,rather than being tortured in some pervets house in america!???

Fiberoptic-Ninja responds:

id ratjher not be caught if i was to steal


isnt it wierd that this movie came out just the same day i watched battle royale first time?i didnt watch THIS one to end though,because i found it very boring.

i dint get anything

after the toejam and earl song...this was a wierd movie.make more tenchu parodies instead.tenchu kicks ass!


i just watched battle royale today and it didnt have a lot of diffrences to this movie.this was shorter and in battle royale.....there are 3 survivors.though battle royale is great movie.but you shouldnt rip off madness.its stupid that someone else rips off series that other people have made.

Gi-go responds:

So what exactly are you saying here junior? Its cool that I ripped off a movie but not cool that a ripped off a series? Why dont you shut your mouth, because nor I or anybody else wants to hear the opinion of a 10 year old.


i love sonic the hedgehog and i love southpark!but combination of sonic and southpark song?????good....but wierd though....

that was good.

i really like the style.and the humor.and ninjas kick ass.i can make a ninja mask outta black t-shirt.

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