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nothing very oringinal...but who cares about that the important thing is the movie good or not.and this was pretty good.exept it takes too long to click the text.and there wasnt much parodies to watch.there should be more.


sprite movies kick ass.but could u please make a sprite movie using the sprites from shinobi or ninja gaiden?that would be really cool.because there are so small amount of shinobi and ninja gaiden parodies at newgrounds


it was great.specially the music.i love shinobi.but who the hell adds apples to a sandwich?

MC-Booga responds:

The same person who makes tomatoe pie and eats caramel-dipped tomatoes. The same person probably dips his french fries in apple sauce, brought shiny, red, tomatoes to his teacher, and when replying to someone who had just compared two objects that are completely different would say: "That's like comparing tomatoes to oranges!" Many would consider this a strange and confused man, indeed.


i gave u eight and vote u five.and ONLY because it had a song from south park in it.i love south park so very very much i have been watching it since i was six years old.but now lets get to the movie itself.i understnd that the point of this movie is to show bad rewiewers that if they do bad rewiews and vote 0 they should go to hell....but if u dont like bad rewiews....THEN WHY THE HELL are u submitting so much stuff to newgrounds?u probably want good rewiews and get front page and stuff...but u cant take bad rewiews!?i dont understand a lot of stuff about making flash,but bad rewiews are just a part of making flash.and if u cant take them then dont submit flash to newgrounds!

is rikimaru a narcotic?

i thought ranzou is the one whos in drugs.....

it was really good.

but the storyline....when i saw the title of the movie in that moment i knew the storyline.in movies like this its always something like"u killed my family" or "you killed my master".so u could have tried something else....


actually most of the finishing moves were just almost the same.think about somethingf else.like a movie where u can see what they do as their jobs in their reAl life not in the tournament.that could be pretty fun.(ps.the easter egg can be found by pressing right click and play in the character selection and then clicking the grey dragons head.u can see a screaming kabal.press it second time and u will see a secret movie!)


u draw pretty good...but isnt the winner supposed to taunt or something?


i used to play that when i was 4...not that version.the one at megadrive.i got to that mountain level where those invicible old guys are....then big brother played it troughly.

good idea...

but the roles are fucked up.sonya should be "the bride".shang tsung should be bill.jade should be that black skinned woman...cant remember the name.and kitana should be o-ren-ishii and sindel should be elle driver.and stryker should be budd.

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